To find out more about what people say about Anne Gould, her training sessions and Smartphone Video for Business workshops please see the testimonials below.

“The course was excellent. Simple, straightforward, practical with some nuggets of some easy to digest ideas.”Paul Martin, Marketing Development Manager, Invest Essex Enterprise, Essex County Council

“Making a video on a smartphone is incredibly easy and effective…once you know how to do it. Anne Gould runs a Smartphone Video Blogging for Business course which takes you through top tips from which shots to include, what to avoid, common pitfalls, what is the best equipment and apps to do the job and how to edit. I did the course one week. The next week I posted my first video. My second and third videos were then used by newspapers on their websites. Anne is knowledgeable, experienced and provides a good follow-up service too.”Juliette Maxam, Senior Communications Officer, Essex County Council

“The workshop was excellent. I liked Anne’s enthusiasm and ability to make complex ideas and methods seem appropriate and relevant. I now feel enthusiastic about making videos and realistic about what I can and can’t do.” Joanne MudharWriter, Community and Environmental Advisor and owner of Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm, Ipswich

“Loved Anne Gould s video blogging course, lots of insightful tips and a really fun morning!! Anne has a fantastic way with words; a vivacious personality and a thirst for knowledge which means she’s always one step ahead of the game. Highly visual with a great aptitude for techonology, this lady is multi-talented! For these reasons I love working with Anne on projects.”Sarah Chatterton.Slc Label ,Clothes Designer

“Anne – your Video Blogging course was illuminating! Looking forward to getting to grips with all on my computer.”Catharine Howard. Gardening writer and Designer

“Clear points, reinforced by clear notes. Easy to implement tips.”Audrey Boyle, Communications Manager, Suffolk Wildlife Trust

For more details about my next video courses please email me at annegould@workingwordzmedia.co.uk

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