Smartphone Video – Training

Smartphone Video – Training

Are you a small business? is social media part of your marketing strategy? Do you want a boost for your SEO? Do you want to get one step ahead of your competitors?


If the answer is yes Smartphone Video can be a highly effective part of your marketing toolkit.

People today are consuming information in ”bite-size” chunks, attention spans are becoming shorter and increasingly they are consuming “content” on mobile.

They are also choosing to watch video over the written word.

Unleash the power of your smartphone

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Using a mobile device to create video is easy – once you know how.

Being video literate will soon be an “essential” skill for everyone.

The good news is it’s also easier to make than ever before – you don’t need expensive kit, fancy cameras or even film crews to get going.

Your smartphone has all the tools you need and it’s a skill that’s not hard to learn once you know how.

Reporters at the BBC, Sky and The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post and Daily Telegraph have all been trained to use iPhones for news  and events.

So if smartphones are good enough for them….

 Smartphone Video Workshops

My workshops show you all you need to know to shoot and edit video for use on websites, social media and email marketing. They also give you access to a dedicated training resource which is updated on a weekly basis as technology and trends change.

My previous clients have included communications teams from Essex County Council, Colchester and Ipswich Borough Councils and Ipswich Hospital and I’ve taught numerous businesses including Ensors Accountants.

As a result they’ve had  footage used on regional television, their recorded interviews have been used on network radio and their videos have been embedded on numerous newspaper websites.

Bespoke training and one to one workshops are available by arrangement.



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